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MCS20 SEAT COOLER (9101700043)

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MCS20 Car Seat Cooler

Keep your cool in the car this summer!

Do you love summer but dread driving in your hot and sticky car? Well the WAECO MagicComfort MCS20 will have you cool and comfortable all Summer long. Driving to the beach, the shops or your next getaway destination will be all the more enjoyable with the cooling and comfort features of our MCS20.

Simply attach the MagicComfort MCS20 to your car seat with the straps provided, switch it on and enjoy the light, pleasant cool air floating across the entire surface of the seat. The MCS20 has two cooling stages for its low noise fan and provides supreme comfort, thanks to its combined ergonomic design and massaging effect. Made from a high quality, breathable cotton/polyester fabric the MCS20 is sure to look good in any vehicle. 

The WAECO MagicComfort MCS20 connects to your vehicle with an easy to use 12 volt plug. Once finished with your Seat cooler you simply engage the push button release on the plug, remove the cover from your seat and store it in its convenient zip closure bag. 


  • Operates on 12 volts from cigarette lighter socket
  • Ergonomic design, good support on the side
  • Optimised air circulation in the seat and backrest
  • High quality, breathable cotton/polyester fabric
  • Simple and practical fixing
  • Fastened on the back of the backrest, therefore suitable for vehicles with side airbags in the seats
  • Zip-closure bag for storage in winter
  • Test mark: e-approved to 95/54/EC (EMC guidelines for vehicles)
  • Two cooling stages to be set on the cigarette lighter plug:
  • Stage I = pleasant permanent cooling (7W) Stage II = quick chill when you set off driving (14W)
  • Dimensions:                L1060 x W440 mm