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Travel without Leaving Your Favourite TV Shows Behind 

Caravan and motorhome enthusiasts will be happy to hear that they can quite comfortably travel to all corners of Australia without leaving their favourite TV shows behind. Dometic Australia has just released the new Milenco Power 900L Antenna that uses omnidirectional antenna technology to help you receive all the channels on your digital TV – without having to physically adjust it every time you stop at a new place. 
What makes it so appealing is that the dish shaped antenna is really easy to set up, convenient to use, aesthetically appealing and totally compact – so ticks all the boxes!

Suitable for both caravans and motorhomes, the Milenco Power 900L Antenna has been developed as an omnidirectional antenna in order to provide quality reception for digital TV. It is more convenient than directional antennas because you don’t have to rotate, raise or lower the antenna – it will automatically do the work for you and all you have to do is retune your TV so it can pick up all the nearby stations. 
Due to the antenna having a built in high gain and low noise signal amplifier, you’re sure to get the best possible picture for all digital channels and radio stations in your area. The Milenco Power 900L Antenna is 4G compatible too, whereas older antenna may receive interference from the 4G mobile phone network. 
Built from durable UV resistant ABS plastic and using stainless steel screws, the Milenco Power 900L antenna is built to last in the harsh Australian environment. Its installation process is simple, making the unit easy to get up and running even for the most novice recreational traveller. 
Another important factor is that it is quite compact at 26cm height and 48cm diameter, leaving plenty of space for air conditioner units, solar panels and other essential accessories on top of your home on wheels.



  • Lightweight
  • Omnidirectional - no need to rotate to find signal
  • Designed to provide excellent reception of all TV signals as well as AM and FM radio
  • Built-in high gain, low noise signal amplifier for the best possible picture and sound
  • Made of durable, UV resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel screws
  • Simple installation, able to be completed by RV owner