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Dometic 8-series: the fridges of the future

Easy to use, stylish and ultra-efficient: the Dometic 8-series sets new standards for absorption refrigerators. Innovative designs and colourful accents transform the high-quality appliances into stylish design pieces. The exterior large décor panels create a unique furniture character. The fridge interiors have a pleasant ice-blue colour, provide light using energy-efficient LEDs and feature a multitude of user-friendly details.

Dometic RML8551 - 189 litre 8-series absorption refrigerator with automatic ignition

With MES (Manual Energy Selection) - Just select the fuel type and the electronic MES control system will initiate your selection. MES series absorption refrigerator for 12 volts, 240 volts and gas. Single-curved door models, 525 mm wide.

Patented removable freezer compartment, fingertip door opening, interior light, door with magnetic seal, replaceable door seals, door locking with vent option, user friendly control panel, flexible arrangement of shelves, ergonomic door shelves with leakage protection.

Patented worldwide an innovative clip system allows fast and easy removal of the freezer compartment.


  • Insulation: Pentane-blown foam
  • Energy Supply: 12 volts DC 230 volts AC LPG
  • Weight: With freezer compartment 44.5 kg
  • Depth: 626mm
  • Height: 1245mm
  • Colour: Cabinet & Door: Silver-Grey
  • Width: 525mm
  • Materials: Cabinet: coated sheet steel Door, panel: plastic
  • Cooling Capacity: Refrigerator + 7degrees, freezer compartment up tp -12 degrees at ambient temp. up to + 32 degrees
  • Capacity: w/out freezer compartment: 189 litres w freezer compartment 179 litres
  • Cut Out Required:
  • Freezer Capacity: 33 litres


  • Absolutely silent
  • Maximum cooling and freezing capacity
  • Patented, easy-to-remove freezer compartment
  • Secure door locking with vent option
  • Simple fingertip door opening
  • NEW: Also available as frameless versions. Delivery time approx. 6 - 8 weeks.
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Flexible shelf system
  • MES (Manual Energy Selector)

Without freezer compartment: 189 litres
With freezer compartment: 179 litres
Freezer internal volume: 33 litres